Workforce Spotlight

PIA Students Can Reap the Benefits of Paid Tuition and a Job Offer Before Starting Classes

March 16, 2022

The U.S. Department of Labor has identified aviation mechanics as a career with faster than average growth, and a driving factor is that retirements are not being offset by new employees entering the field.  According to the Boeing Technician Outlook, the aviation industry will require 626,000 new maintenance technicians globally through 2040, with 132,000 of those techs needed in North America alone.

Western Governors University Launches Tech is Everywhere Scholarship

March 09, 2022

Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week – Creating our next great workforce!

February 23, 2022

As your partner in supporting local business, we know how difficult it is to find and keep great employees. Many of our young people lack the knowledge and skills you need, or they leave to pursue opportunities because they simply don’t know about the great local jobs available right

Leading Military-Serving Nonprofits Achieve New Heights in Veteran Employment Assistance

February 16, 2022

VetJobs and Military Spouse Jobs, two leading nonprofits providing career readiness and job placement assistance to the military community, announced that they are the first nonprofits to surpass 75,000 verified, military-affiliated hires. 

Google: Prioritizing Employee Work/Life Balance

February 09, 2022

As workforce continues to be a top-of-mind issue for employers and the competition for skilled talent persists, employers have gotten more generous with salary and benefits packages to both attract and retain workers.  Recently, Google announced an increase to employee leave benefits to ensure parents and caregivers have more time with their families, and to provide more balance.

Leading by Learning: The Giant Company Strives for More Equal, Inclusive Workplace

January 05, 2022

More and more businesses nationwide are having conversations about how to combat inequality in the workforce. Equality of Opportunity — the goal to ensure that every citizen has access to the skills and education that will lead them down a successful career pathway — is at the heart of the PA Chamber’s “Bringing PA Back” mission. To that end, we look toward member companies that are putting words to action through impactful Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs that celebrate the unique talents each person brings to the table. One such company is The GIANT Company.

PA Chamber Foundation: Setting Up Students for Future Success in PA

December 15, 2021

Commuter Services Provides Employers Access to Transportation Resources as a Workforce Development Strategy

November 23, 2021

As we continue to navigate the pandemic, workforce development has become an important topic of discussion as employers compete to fill open positions.  Transportation is one of the major barriers faced by individuals seeking work, and Commuter Services can be a vital tool to help provide transportation resources to both employers and employees.

Villanova University’s College of Professional Studies Offers Multiple Pathways for Individuals and Businesses to Gain Expertise and Upskill

January 26, 2021

At Villanova's College of Professional Studies, we believe life experience is the kindling to the brightest futures. We believe the past is a launch pad. We believe today is the day to change course, pivot to an alternate adventure, become who you've always said you'd become. And we're here to help you fulfill that promise.

Jobs for America’s Graduates of Pennsylvania: Bridging the Gap Between Classrooms and Careers

January 06, 2021

Allegheny College: Graduates Equipped for 21st Century Jobs

December 09, 2020

The workforce of the 21st century requires a different approach to education and training to meet the needs of domestic and global businesses and nonprofit organizations. Just as the Industrial Revolution brought about a shift from an agricultural to an industrial economy, today’s fast-evolving marketplace -- given the influence and fast pace of innovation and technology -- demands a different and broader set of skills in the labor force.